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Dr. Kivett Offers The MDVIP Health Plan

MDVIP Health Plans give you a chance to create a relationship with your Physician in Orlando, Dr. Kivett. MDVIP offers you a unique approach to healthcare that puts the patients needs first.

The MDVIP program is perfectly suited for those individuals who have no health insurance or those that have high deductible insurance. The $1500 annual fee includes a very thorough screening including advanced testing through the Cleveland Clinic Heart Lab, EKG and a comprehensive annual physical, culminating in a plan tailored to keep you healthy. 

Routine office visits outside of the annual physical would cost $20. If more testing were to be required then it would be an additional out of pocket expense as well; but Dr. Kivett’s practice would search out the most cost effective means of getting it accomplished. Medications would not be covered either.

MDVIP patients have 24 hour access to Dr. Kivett via cell phone for urgent care; on time, same day appointments, that lasts as long as necessary to deal with the problem.

How the MDVIP Health Plan Works:

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